The BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)

gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd and show your potential to succeed on medical and health-related courses. It tests your ability to apply scientific and mathematical knowledge, as well as problem solving, critical thinking and written communication skills that are essential to university-level study.

BMAT is owned and administered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing consisting of a 2-hour test in 3 sections


Thinking Skills – 32 multiple-choice
questions (60 minutes)


Scientific Knowledge and
Applications - 27 multiple-choice
questions (30 minutes)


Writing Task – Essay question
(30 minutes)


VIDEO by Capwise
Thai Version
BMAT by Capwise EP1:  BMAT คืออะไร
What's in BMAT and how to prepare By Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing

1. You are very welcome to join our
2. Email - Registration confirmation 
3. A confirmation email with your entry number, the test venue and any updates
will be sent to you before the end of September 2022.


1. Bring your booking confirmation email (or be able to show an electronic version of the email on your phone or tablet on the day)
2. Original Thai Citizen ID or passport
3. (HB) pencils, eraser, and black ink pen
4. You will receive your Confidential Results Information Sheet to view your result online upon the test day.
5. What can you bring into the test room?

5.1 Thai Citizen ID or Passport
5.2 Wallet
5.3 Bag deposit tag
5.4 Pencils, erasers, and black ink pen
5.5 Clear bottle of drinking water
5.6 Medicines
Notice to Candidates
All candidates must read and make sure you understand the rules and regulations in the test room.


1. Results will be released online on 25th November 2022 at 4:00 PM (Thailand Time) via https://www.metritests.com/
2. BMAT results must be shared with institutions in Thailand by the TCAS deadline.
3. You will be able to share your results with universities until 31 July 2023. However, please recheck with your chosen institutions for any related information about when they need the results or which session of the results is required, to make sure you share them in time for your application to be considered.
4. Please note that for most universities, sharing results does not consider as an application, and your results will not be considered unless you have also made a formal application to the university.

Which universities accept BMAT - November?

How to release results to your selected institution(s)

1. Go to your Metritests account (login details are on the Confidential Results Information sheet you will be given on the test day).

2. Click on the test inside your Metritests account and select the ‘Share Results’ option.

3. Select the institution(s) you want to receive your results using the dropdown under ‘Institution Name’, then the degree(s) from the dropdown under ‘Course Details’, then click save. The institution will then automatically have access to your results once they are released. If you do not make your selection using the Metritests system, your test results will not be provided to the institution.

Before results are released on 25 November 2022, you can add or remove selected institutions. After this, once your results have been published, you cannot remove an institution or course from the results website – the institution(s) will instantly receive your results – but you can add further institutions.

Can BMAT results be queried or appealed?

If you think your score is not correct, you can submit a Results Enquiry via

If you thinks a Malpractice case or a Results Enquiry outcome was incorrectly handled, you can submit an Appeal via
Appeal process and request form – Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing